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Meet Kenneth Ochieng Wanga, aka “the Governor”

17 May

Great! Wanga, Keep the fire burning men!

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Kenneth Ochieng Wanga is a 21 year old ‘Change-mindedyouth, hailing from Kisumu via Nairobi. He has been nicknamed ‘The Governorby the Eldoret Team due to his knowledge and passion for Kenyan politics and his desire to represent and help the countriesyoung people.


When did you start Volunteering?

I think that deep down I have been a volunteer since the moment I was born! However, for many, many years I never did anything about it, not until I was 18 really. It was a hungry time for me; I only realised when I needed help myself that giving to the community without expecting return or payment is the way to live.

What youth volunteer programmes have you been on before?

Action AID was my first project when I was 18; I volunteered as a social media officer for the programme. My job was to mobilise…

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